Ghastly America

"A look into the establishments of America that were left behind and forgotten"

“Exploring the forgotten”


My name is Brandon, and I am a researcher/photographer. I travel to varies locations of abandoned establishments to cover the story’s left behind and capture their current images. You see an eerie abandoned building; I see a location with a great amount of history neglected. Each one of the locations I have visited hold a great amount of history with them.

The idea of doing Ghastly America originally started with a visit to an abandoned school that I  caught a quick glimpse off the highway and had no idea of what it represented. I went home that night and researched everything I could about the abandoned location. I discovered that same location was known as “The Seminary for Girls.”

I have always had a great interest in history, especially  for topics that were very usual. I determined that writing story’s of past abandoned locations and capturing the remnants thereof would be a great thing to do. As a result Ghastly America was created. The name “Ghastly America” worked perfectly  because these are the locations that many would not dare enter. A lot of my inspiration to launch Ghastly America came from literature such as the Weird USA, collection. I knew that this was something that I wanted to do.  

I remembered an asylum that I had read about a few years ago that I labeled “America’s Deadliest Asylum” Years later, I wrote on this asylum which became the story which launched my career as an independent researcher and photographer of places of forgotten history.

Now join me as I take through the past of some of America’s most deadly Asylums, toxic prisons, lost Amusement Parks and much more. IMG_4585


Ghastly Americaimage



4 thoughts on ““Exploring the forgotten”

      1. I have heard and read about “Klotz Throwing Mill” I would love to eventually visit that location and write my own story own it. Hopefully soon, I have a lot of locations that I will be visiting throughout the summer.

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