A hospital built on August 2, 1940 with 377- beds and opened in 1943. This hospital sits on a site dating back to the War of 1812; sitting on 300 acres the property originally contained a medical corps building, a nurse home, infirmary and an attendants quarters. In 1940 all of the original 80 buildings that the property contained were torn down to construct the new five story hospital. A few of the former buildings that were previously army buildings were renovated. From the year of 1925-1928 General Douglas MacArthur used the nurse’s home as a headquarters. In 1958 the hospital became a major health services research site as an early effort to increase care and efficiency. In the 2000’s The Secretary of Veterans Affairs decided to move the services of the hospital to a Living and Rehabilitation Center and nearby Medical Center. This decision was made to address the structural deficiencies inside of the hospital building. In 2002 the hospital shut down for good. Plans and ideas to use the vacant land to a retirement community and assisted living have all fell through. The only thing to continue operating was a small outpatient clinic that eventually shut down in 2016 due to a flood the building had that was caused by a hot water heater exploding.