Built in 1890 and opened in 1894, ” The Seminary for girls” sat on 23 acres.The location originally started in 1887 as “Ye Forest Inne” it was a summer retreat for residents of the area. Unfortunately the retreat did not do well financially, the property was sold and then turned into a finishing school. In the year of 1894 the school was opened with a class of 48 students, all were females. The school featured an exotic design to it, buildings were constructed like an English castle a Japanese pagoda, a dutch windmill and many other designs.The campus had covered walkways, outdoor sculptures and beautiful gardens throughout the campus.In 1936 the school began to focus on more modern education trends, at that time it was known as one of the most prestigious women’s schools in the country.1942 the former school was turned into a medical facility for disables soldiers, the land was purchased for a total of $890,000 by U.S. Army.In 1972 the location began to go under preservation and development, in 2003 majority of the original buildings were remodeled into condominiums, town-homes and apartments as a way of preserving these buildings.The apartments were constructed inside of the main building, within the several buildings that branched off of the main building, condominiums were constructed. Still today you can see the English castle building along with a few others that have not yet been preserved.