A State Hospital Center established in 1894 and was situated on 3,000 acres. Before facility was established it was once a private estate and farm, later in the year of 1894 the estate and farm was sold to the state. In 1895 the State Hospital Center was established, establishing this psychiatric hospital would resolve the needs of a hospital of its kind in the area. Existing farm buildings were renovated for the first few patients that arrived in 1896 while the newer buildings were being constructed. The campus included its own railroad line, maintenance buildings, central dietary and storeroom, a fire house and employee housing. In 1940 leading into the early 1950’s the hospital’s population climbed to 3,000 patients. The hospital began to face overcrowding issues, new buildings began to be constructed as an effort to resolve the overcrowding. By the mid 1950’s new medicines were being introduced which would have a great effect on the future of psychiatric hospitals nationwide. The number of patients that required inpatient treatment had begun to decline, in the 1960’s the hospital ended the separation of patients based on their color. By the 1970’s the hospitals patient attendance began to decline, new construction had begun as an effort to replace the 100 year buildings that have been previously used. By the year of 1980 the Hospital had made a tremendous evaluation and treatment for the newer patients being admitted, during the construction units were downsized as an attempt to focus on how the hospital was being developed. In the 1980’s the newer campus was ready to begin housing patients and beginning services, the 100-year-old original structures were abandoned. Today the State Hospital Center is still in full operation, the few original buildings sit high up on a hill overlooking the newer facility.